• St. Vincent's Clinic

    St. Vincent's Clinic

    St. Vincent's Clinic is a cooperative effort between UTMB and St. Vincent's House. We are committed to providing quality healthcare to the underserved population of Galveston

  • Quality Healthcare

    Quality Healthcare

    St. Vincent's clinic strives to prides itself on providing patients with quality healthcare. The clinic utilizes an electronic medical record to safely manage sensitive patient information.

  • Education


    St. Vincent's clinic works to help educate future clinicians while providing quality health care to its patients. Our patients and students have the opportunity to directly interact with UTMB physicians.

  • Community Resources

    Community Resources

    St. Vincent's also serves as a hub to connect individuals with various programs throughout the Galveston Community. We also have a garden to provide fresh produce for our locals.

Our Mission Statement

St. Vincent's Student Clinic is dedicated to providing quality care to unfunded & under-funded patients while providing excellent educational opportunities for UTMB  students.

Free Clinic

"...Focus is on health caring for the whole person, on providing a service which is free of red tape, free of value judgments, free of eligibility requirements, free of emotional hassles, free of frozen medical protocol, free of moralizing, and last and least, free of charge."

-Seymour & Smith, 36-37

For Students

St. Vincent's Student Clinic is a wonderful place to learn and now is a great time to start!

  • Manage the care of patients with many common chronic diseases

  • Prepare you for your clinicals, clerkships, and beyond.

An Oasis of hope expecting miracles...

Our mission is to provide essential services, resources, and tools for close to 15,000 economically disadvantaged, uninsured, and working poor individuals and families a year to sustain themselves and to become members of a community where each person is valued.